God’s having a mental breakdown and Mark is digging himself deeper into trouble. Out of the dark one lone voice spits tales of small town losers and alcoholic Delta Force snipers. Sharp, darkly comic observations are woven into absurd fantasies, drenched in swirling samples, shuffling rhythms and pulsating bass lines that form a cacophony from your speakers. Sometimes seeping slowly, sometimes heading full-throttle, but always burying themselves firmly into the subconscious. Comparisons can be made and conclusions drawn but this is known as ‘Kids Unique’.

“Kids Unique are exactly what a band should be….cool as f*** with the best tunes I’ve heard in a very very long time….”
Felix Taylor, Series Producer, Tuune TV (Propeller, Sky 195)



New E.P

The new Kids Unique EP is now available on the band’s bandpage. http://kidsunique.bandcamp.com/

New ‘Love Tunnel’ video

This is the video for the new Kids Unique single ‘Love Tunnel’ to be released in early June 2012 – enjoy, and share the love!

Kids Unique to support Public Image Ltd

Kids Unique will be one of the supports for Public Image Ltd on the bill for the first Music Event One in Rochester Castle on Saturday 28 July 2012. More details to follow…